How Beyondsoft unlocks IT innovation and business success with Microsoft specializations

Microsoft is one of the premier IT cloud providers, offering an array of technology to meet business needs. But even with Microsoft solutions in place, there is the uncertainty of not understanding all the capabilities and underutilizing the tools. In addition, familiar IT pain points still present themselves with Microsoft implementations, such as software compatibility, maintenance, storage, network, and data security.

Working with us, an IT consultancy with extensive experience in Microsoft solutions can help immensely. We have earned many Microsoft specializations demonstrating our in-depth expertise and commitment to be your first-rate partner for digital transformation.

Here we discuss what Microsoft specializations mean, why they are important, and how we can help you leverage Microsoft tools to the greatest extent possible.

Why is Microsoft specialization important to you?

It is as true for Microsoft as it is for any IT technology – most companies utilize only a small percentage of the full capabilities of Microsoft solutions. A specialized Microsoft solution partner can help your organization increase that percentage, ensuring you are making full use of the product features and realize cost savings fast.

Microsoft awards specializations to solution partners who have demonstrated technical expertise with Microsoft tools within specific contexts. Just as a professional driver can bring out more of the capabilities of a race car than an amateur, an IT consultant with Microsoft specializations can help you gain more benefits from the Microsoft technology you already have in place.

Beyond better use of existing solutions, your organization also may be able to unlock more opportunities by implementing additional Microsoft tools. Microsoft has a full suite of technologies, ranging from desktop applications to cloud solutions such as Azure, and all of them are fully integrated and secure. A company can gain a large competitive edge by moving more workflows and processes to Microsoft solutions, and a Microsoft solution partner, like us, can help you do so.

Our suite of Microsoft specializations

We have earned the following Microsoft Azure specializations: (1) Infra and Database migration to Microsoft Azure, (2) Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, and (3) Microsoft Azure VMware Solution, where our company is one of the few companies worldwide to hold this specialization.

As for the Security specializations offered by Microsoft, we hold all four: (1) Cloud Security, (2) ID & Access Management, (3) Information Protection & Governance, and (4) Threat Protection.

In addition, we have the Microsoft Solutions Partner designation in 5 of the 6 areas offered by Microsoft: (1) Infrastructure (Azure), (2) Digital & App Innovation (Azure)​, (3) Modern Work, (4) Data and AI and (5) Security.

The process of obtaining a Microsoft specialization is demanding and arduous. After meeting the prerequisites, we must comply with a third-party audit, requiring substantial time and resources for preparation. The specializations must be renewed annually, requiring annual audits. We maintain these specializations to demonstrate our commitment to keeping on top of our game in these areas of focus.

Of special note, we were recently awarded the Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP) badge, only given to the most high-fidelity cloud managed service providers. This designation requires an even more intensive training and audit process. The payoff is that you have the confidence of working with the most capable partner possible for all Azure-related issues.

How we drive customer success with Microsoft specializations

We are a catalyst for our customers with respect to their cloud migrations, system upgrades, and other major IT events. Our Microsoft specializations serve as a demonstration of our ability to do so. In addition, our specializations result in Beyondsoft working on more IT projects, thus giving us more experience delivering results – yet another benefit for our customers.

“It is rewarding to be able to rely on a technical team like Beyondsoft, which offers the highest quality, knowledge, agility, and a focus on customer satisfaction.”

Eduardo Ângelo, WeVets, Director of IT and Customer Experience

As the business landscape changes, Beyondsoft has future plans for additional Microsoft specializations. Specifically, the Beyondsoft team is seeking to obtain three more specializations soon: (1) Analytics on Microsoft Azure, (2) AI and Machine Learning in Microsoft Azure, and (3) Low Code Application Development, to better assist customers with the Microsoft Power platform.

Tap into our expertise to maximize your company’s Microsoft capabilities

Make the most out of Microsoft cloud and IT technology by tapping into our expertise. With Microsoft specializations, we helped numerous organizations accelerate their business success. Contact us today to see how we can do the same for you.




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