WeVets cuts tech costs by nearly 40% with managed services from Beyondsoft


WeVets prioritizes excellence, tradition, and innovation and expects to expand to 15 locations in the coming year. To achieve this growth, they wanted to modernize their IT environment, leveraging Microsoft solutions such as Azure and Microsoft 365.

As part of the effort, WeVets was also looking to increase management quality, optimize its infrastructure from a performance and cost perspective, improve governance and risk mitigation, and ultimately, better serve its growing customer base.


After identifying multiple opportunities, such as increased visibility and cost predictability, Beyondsoft applied a comprehensive, three-phase approach to the project:

  1. Strategic planning: Beyondsoft experts conducted a deep assessment of the business to analyze areas such as reliability, security, operations, performance, and costs to develop an end-to-end modernization roadmap.
  2. Innovation and adoption: Beyondsoft accelerated innovation and adoption through digital and consulting services, architecture reviews, and conceptualizing new environments to address WeVets’ needs. In this phase, Beyondsoft improved governance with continuous management and optimization, with the assurance of high standards and industry-leading security and risk mitigation practices.
  3. Continuous operation and governance: In phase, the Beyondsoft Managed Services team continues to maintain the baseline established in previous phases, ensuring a high standard of governance, cost optimization, technology adoption, and security and risk mitigation. This managed services model ensures excellence while liberating WeVets to focus on delivering exemplary veterinary care to its clients and growing its business.

“With the optimization and greater efficiency in management, we can see new opportunities for investment and expansion.”

— Eduardo Ângelo, WeVets Director

Although the modernization effort is still underway, WeVets has already reaped benefits. “One of our pillars is innovation, so we constantly invest in technology,” says Eduardo Ângelo, WeVets Director. “With support from Beyondsoft, we were able to identify improvements and upgrade to a better architecture and other services that ensure new opportunities.”

 Additional benefits include:

  • 30-40% reduction in technology costs
  • Adoption of financial control and governance practices
  • Increased security and risk mitigation across their systems and applications

To learn more about how Beyondsoft can help your business, contact us today. To learn more about how Beyondsoft is empowering modernization and growth for WeVets, watch this short video.




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